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Rookie Technician of Influence Winner - Canyon Philson

Canyon came to Mid-State Truck Service, Inc. at a very young age. He already had his CDL and was 100% committed to our industry right out of the gate. He then accepted the challenge of going to the Uptime program and spent many hours on the road and nights in a hotel to achieve his goal. He is 100% certified in International in many areas and currently in the process of becoming Cummins certified. He will be certified in less than 2 years of working in our industry. Pretty impressive!

We were fortunate enough to get a very large grille guard sale from one of our local fleets around here. We had 80 grille guards to install and the trucks were available only on Saturday afternoons and Sundays. Canyon and another technician worked two Saturday afternoons in the scorching heat and two Sundays installing grille guards to get this job done for our customer to prove it is a partnership between us. (Yes, he still showed up for work on Monday.)

Canyon always ranks at the top of his peers. We have seen great progress in his labor dollars sold, his hourly effective rate, and his productivity. His productivity almost doubled from the time he started Uptime Academy to when he finished, and it keeps improving. Mid-State Truck Service has a ton of faith in Canyon and plans to promote him to night foreman/shop lead shortly.

Canyon came to Mid-State Truck Service on a school tour, and he was very interested and attentive during his visit. We could tell right away he was someone who would fit in great here and be a phenomenal team member. He was then working at a local factory full-time while attending high school. We talked that day, had him fill out an application, and two weeks later he was in uniform. Even though the journey is very young, just like Canyon, it's been a great ride so far and we look forward to the future for both him and us!