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We take great pride in helping individuals, like yourself, set-up a financing plan that gets you the truck or bus you want and need, and as quickly as possible.

Simple, flexible commercial financing options

Did you know? You may be able to finance extended service plans, taxes, titling, and registration costs too, all to make sure you're getting the maximum value for your purchase and with one simple monthly payment!

Our finance department has many lenders and options available and will work their hardest to come up with a program that fits your business and budget needs. By financing your new equipment you are able to keep bank credit lines open for other unexpected expenses. We know every situation is different. Through our strong relationships with our finance sources, we are able to offer you quick answers so you can stay focused on what you do best — running your business!

  • Easy 1-page application and straightforward documentation
  • Flexible financing plans, including skip payments and balloons that match your payments to your cash flows
  • Terms up to 84 months
  • Fast credit decisions with no undue delays

No matter what option you choose, we are here to help get you back on your way. Give our finance manager a call today or download the easy one-page application and email it to her or your dedicated salesman.

Download the credit application for new/used vehicles More information about our Captive Finance Group Download the credit application for parts or service

Municipal Lease

  • Expand the ability of your budget to replace equipment (For example, a $100,000 budget can purchase two vehicles using cash or it can purchase nine vehicles using a 5-year municipal lease. No debt is created so voter approval is generally not required.)
  • Available to any government agency that can issue tax-exempt securities, including states, counties, cities, school districts, universities, hospitals, special purpose districts, and 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations
  • Finance and lease plans available for both new and used vehicles

Fair Market Value Lease

  • Ideal if you want new equipment and do not desire ownership or depreciation benefits
  • Several options offering maximum flexibility at the end of the lease term (subject to compliance with return terms and conditions)

Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause Lease

  • Ideal if you want to own equipment and bank credit is limited or when tax depreciation isn't required
  • Predetermined purchase price at the lease end which makes is predictable
  • Pay a fixed amount equal to what the vehicle is predetermined to be worth at the end of the lease
  • No Down Payment Required - Typically one lease payment required in advance
  • Can be structured so equipment doesn't appear as an asset or liability on balance sheet
  • Generally considered a tax-oriented lease, so you may trade tax benefits for lower payments

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