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Isuzu N-Series Class 4 Diesel

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Introducing the Isuzu NPR truck -- the ultimate combination of power and maneuverability.

With a diesel-powered engine, the NPR truck delivers unmatched performance. The low-cab forward design not only provides excellent visibility but also allows for more cargo space. You can choose from a range of body sizes, accommodating your needs perfectly.

The NPR-HD offers multiple cab options to suit your passenger requirements. The standard cab models comfortably seat three passengers, while the crew cab models can accommodate up to seven passengers. Plus, with various wheelbase options, you can customize the truck's length to fit your needs.

But it's not just about comfort and flexibility. The Isuzu NPR is a favorite in the Class 4 category for good reason. Its smooth response, low cost of ownership, and impressive GVWR of 14,550 lbs (NPR-HD) and 20,500 lbs (NPR-XD) make it a reliable choice. With its dual rear-wheel chassis design, this truck can handle even heavier body payloads, ranging from 7,748 to 8,511 lbs.

Under the hood, you'll find an Isuzu 4HK1 5.2L turbocharged diesel engine paired with an Aisin A465id 6-speed automatic transmission. Together, they output an impressive 452 lb/ft of torque and 215 hp. This ensures that you have the power you need, no matter the terrain or task at hand.

Safety is paramount, and the NPR doesn't disappoint. It comes standard with an Electronic Stability Control system, enhancing traction in slippery conditions and providing peace of mind. Additionally, you have the option to add an Automatic Emergency Braking System and a Lane Departure Warning System, ensuring that you and your cargo are always protected.

In summary, the Isuzu NPR is the top choice for drivers who demand performance and versatility. With its unbeatable features, this truck will exceed your expectations and deliver exceptional results.

Key Highlights

  • Standard cab with seating for up to three
  • Crew cab with seating for up to seven
  • 35 or 55 gallon side-mounted aluminum fuel tank
  • 7,748 to 8,511 lbs body payload
  • 14,550 lbs (NPR-HD) and 20,500 lbs (NPR-XD) GVWR truck and trailer weight
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC) with Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR)
  • Aisin A465id 6-speed automatic transmission
  • 11.5" front and rear disc (NPR-HD) or 14.3" front disc and 13.7" rear disc (NPR-XD), vacuum/hydraulic with 4-channel ABS braking
  • 5.2L I4 turbocharged engine with 215 hp at 2,500 rpm and 452 lb/ft at 1,850 rpm
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