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Isuzu N-Series Class 5 Electric

N-Series Class 5 Electric

Everything you want from an electric truck, everything you expect from Isuzu.

Isuzu has been the best-selling brand of low cab forward trucks every year since 1986 because our trucks are engineered to solve your transportation problems. Maintaining that tradition, the Isuzu NRR EV has been designed with your needs and concerns in mind.

This versatile electric vehicle can be customized to fit your range requirements. With the option to use three, five, seven, or nine 20-kWh, lithium-ion battery packs, you have options. And the benefits of lithium-ion batteries are undeniable -- they store more energy in a compact space, are lighter, last longer, and eliminate the need for traditional maintenance.

The battery packs power a three-phase, 150 kW electric motor that delivers the kind of performance you'd expect from a Class 5 truck.

With reliable, durable battery power, fast charging times, excellent driving range and an array of wheelbases, the NRR EV makes the electric choice an easy choice.

Key Highlights

  • 19,500 lbs GVWR truck and trailer weight
  • 132.5 to 176" wheelbases options
  • Four choices of battery capacity, the largest of which has a range up to 235 miles
  • DC fast charging and AC (level 2) charging capable
  • Optional Advanced Driver Assistance System package designed to improve driver, passenger and pedestrian safety and to help reduce the number and severity of collisions
  • All-new cab, inside and out, engineered from the ground up to increase driver safety and comfort
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