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Benefits of Transitioning to an Electric Fleet

Discover how switching your commercial fleet of trucks to electric can save your business money in the long run and reduce your carbon footprint. Learn about all of the benefits the International eMV Electric truck has to offer at Mid-State Truck Service today!

As the world shifts toward electric vehicles, your business could benefit from this transition. Our eMobility solutions team can help you navigate every step of switching over: taking advantage of available government grants, choosing and installing appropriate charging equipment for International® eMV™ Series trucks -- it's all within reach! 

Let us explore how embracing an eco-friendly approach with electric transport might be a smart move for your business.

Sustainability - Electric vehicles are undeniably the better choice for our environment. With power generation transitioning from coal-burning plants to more sustainable and renewable sources like natural gas, solar, wind, geothermal, and hydro energy - we can expect a decrease in greenhouse emissions and pollutants such as soot being released into the atmosphere. Additionally, electric motors offer cities greater tranquility with their quieter operation when compared to gas or diesel engines; an enhancement residents of urban neighborhoods will no doubt appreciate wholeheartedly!

Driver Comfort - International Truck's eMV series provides a quiet, tranquil cabin, allowing drivers to remain focused on the road. It also helps facilitate better communication with others at worksites - from an elevated bucket down to people on the ground. Its regenerative braking system sets this electric truck apart from the ICE truck. The "one-pedal driving" feature slows your vehicle when you lift your foot from the accelerator while sending supplemental power back into the batteries - perfect for stop-and-go driving and a more efficient brake life!

Lower Maintenance Requirements - The most significant benefit of electric trucks is that they require much less maintenance than diesel-powered vehicles. There is no need for engine oil changes, transmission maintenance, fuel filters, turbos, EGR systems, injectors, or engine air filters. This makes electric trucks easier to own and operate over the long term and significantly reduces running costs.

Electric trucks offer numerous advantages over traditional diesel-powered vehicles: reduced maintenance requirements, improved efficiency, and reduced noise pollution. If you're looking for a way to reduce your business's running costs without sacrificing performance or reliability, then an Internation eMV electric truck is your solution!

Mid-State Truck's eMobility Solutions team can help customers plan, execute, and optimize zero-emission vehicles and investments for the entire lifecycle of your eMV. We will help you design scalable, end-to-end solutions using the 5 C's approach -- Consulting, Charging, Constructing, Connecting, and Conserving.

Want to learn more about making the shift to electric? Contact the Mid-State team today at one of our seven locations throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota.