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Electric Vehicles & Solutions offered at Mid-State Truck Service

Wisconsin and Minnesota's fleet electrification partner for electric trucks and buses. Explore EV vehicles and e-mobility solutions at one of seven locations.

Mid-State Truck Service is your one-stop, all-encompassing solution to transition your business or fleet to electric vehicles in Wisconsin and Minnesota. As a certified electric dealership for International Trucks and IC Bus, our expertise and commitment to e-mobility have grown in leaps and bounds. Our mission is to make the transition to electric vehicles seamless for customers by devising comprehensive strategies and providing unparalleled support every step of the way. The dealership has made significant investments to upgrade its facilities to service battery-electric vehicles, such as dedicated service bays and infrastructure for charging, in addition to stocking up on necessary parts and key components for eMV trucks and electric IC Buses. We're here to revolutionize the future of transportation and invite you to join us on this electrifying journey!

Full-Service E-Mobility Solutions

For businesses and fleet owners considering switching to electric, there is no better partner than the Mid-State Truck Service. We have meticulously sewn together a framework that addresses every aspect of the journey to a zero-emissions future.

Expert Guidance through Rigorous Training: Our team has undergone extensive training to become a certified electric dealership for International Trucks and IC Bus, equipping us with insights and advanced methodologies to help you make informed decisions and ensure a seamless transition to electrifying your fleet.

Route Simulations and Operational Plans

To maximize efficiency and optimize your investment, our team will assist with route simulations to identify the impact of electric trucks and buses on your current routes and fuel consumption. In doing so, we craft a foolproof operational plan, tailor-made to help you capitalize on the benefits of e-mobility.

Access to Grants & Finance Options

We understand that making the leap to electric vehicles can be capital-intensive. Our dedicated finance team is here to help you optimize costs and find the most suitable funding options to minimize financial burdens, whether they are direct grants, tax incentives, or budget-friendly finance options.

Charging Solutions & Infrastructure

A well-designed charging infrastructure is the backbone of your fleet's electrification. The Mid-State EV & Navistar Zero-Emissions teams will perform detailed assessments of your facility and requirements to identify your ideal charging infrastructure. We also help you plan for growth and expansion while investing in charging systems that will adapt to the evolving landscape of e-mobility.